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Kayaking on Neponset Reservoir - in Foxborough MA

Rating: Two Stars - I enjoyed this hidden jem in suburban Foxborough more than I expected. The odd star-shaped reservoir made for a lot long shore line and coves to explore. I was on the water for about twice the time I expected for a pond this size. There are pretty small islands dotting this reservoir. I saw a blue heron, and another odd bird I can not identify. Good trip. Except for the 150 feet of portage at Kersey Point.

  Put in at Kersey Point on Kersey
  Road in Foxborough MA.
Paddle around Neponset
  Reservoir and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 3+ miles
Lane Property
  Conservation Area
New England Patriots
  home: Gillette Stadium

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Neponset Reservoir - in Foxborough MA

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At Kersey Point in Foxborough MA to launch on the Neponset Reservoir.
Trip date is August 2013.

The portage to the water is more than 100 feet.

Just launched on the Neponset River on a pleasant August summer day.

I will paddle to my left and try to do clock-wise.

Waterlilies on Neponset Reservoir.

The picnic area on Lanes Property Conservation Area.

Jumping rope hanging off a tree on Neponset Reservoir.

I will check out the outlet dam of the Neponset Reservoir.

Decided to land on a nice spot near the dam.

The water that trickles out of the reservoir dam to this swamp forms the headwaters of the Neponset River.
The Neponset River winds thru the suburbs and drain in Boston out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Back on the water of Neponset Reservoir.

A nice and unfamiliar-looking bird.

Same bird picture, cropped.

We had cool crisp nights the last week and fooled some of the trees and now prematurely showing autumn colors.

A blue heron is on the tree circled in red.

A perched blue heron on Neponset Reservoir.

The Neponset Reservoir is dotted with a few pretty small islands.

Below-the-surface aquatic garden.

Another small island on Neponset Reservoir.

The bench on Kersey Point. The landing is just around.

The stone marker on Kersey Point reads: "Henry W. Heaton Memorial
He Showed the Way
1910 - 1988"